Unicorn Barn

Enter the unicorns' world with Unicorn Barn!  This interactive building set will encourage independent play and provide an educational building experience for every little adventurer. Ages 6 and up.
  • 228 Pieces
  • Three Characters
  • Three Unicorns
  • Unicorn Barn
  • Stable
  • Multiple Accessories


With Unicorn Barn, your child will develop problem solving skills through the world of the unicorns and their trainers. This STEM-certified toy set helps kids expand their critical thinking skills while creating fun narratives to fit with their new friends.

IN THE CLOUDS: Meet Finn, Lila and Emma and their unicorns Flynn, Crystal and Agnes. Past Linxville and up the giant waterfall live the Linxies unicorns and their caretakers in a magical, floating world. Unicorn Barn teaches children to explore their creativity whilst developing their storytelling and problem solving skills as they help the magical creatures and their friends in the barn.

GROWING IMAGINATIONS: Each Linxies piece can link with one another in multiple ways, providing for a customizable play experience depending on where your child's imagination takes them! Does your unicorn barn need a larger stable for the unicorns?  Let the story come to them through each Linxies piece.

STEM CERTIFIED: Set children up for future success with toys that improve their critical thinking and logical reasoning. Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) certified sets improve core-subject skills so kids can learn during play time.

LINK UP WITH LINXIES: Linxies building sets are filled with colorful, customizable play-time pieces that every child can enjoy. Characters and artistic panel structures can link together across various Linxies collections, so kids can create a vibrant, imaginative world of their own.


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Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 18.4 × 8.32 × 3.126 in